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Here is how it works... - How it works!
Place an Order
  • Log on to our Website using your e-mail.
  • Create your toys wish list with as many toys as you would like to rent.
  • To place an order, select toys to be rented from your wish list and click "Rent Selected".
  • For your first order you will be asked to provide contact information such as your address and phone number.
Schedule a Delivery
  • Select delivery and pick up date and time.
  • Toys can be rented by customers for a 2 or 4 week period.
Receive Toys
  • You will receive the toys you ordered as requested.
  • Fees will be collected if payment is COD (cash on delivery)
  • Customers are required to check and confirm that the toys they are receiving are in good working condition before the delivery team leaves.
Enjoy Toys
  • Keep the toys for the rental period you chose.
Receive Pick-up reminder
  • A couple of days before pick up time you will receive a friendly remainder (e-mail) of your scheduled date and time
  • If you would like to keep them longer please contact us for an extension
Return Toys
  • Toys will be picked up on the scheduled return date.