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Dusty The Talking Vacuum (Playskool)
Dusty The Talking Vacuum
Playskool -> Toys
layskool Dusty The Talking Vacuum - Have some good "clean" fun with a cool friend that's always got something to say! This friendly-faced character with eyes that open and close is a pretend vacuum that makes realistic vacuum sounds, "laughs", "sings" and even "says" fun phrases like "Let's bust some dust!" With a handle that bends so you can "vacuum" in those "hard-to-reach" places and a really twirling "dust" canister, it'll definitely feel like you and your friend are really cleaning up
For childen 18 months - 3 years
Retail Price : $32.99
2 Week Rental : $5.00
4 Week Rental : $7.00
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